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Varrox Eddy Evaporator



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Varrox Eddy Evaporator

Product information “VARROX® EDDY complete”

An oxalic acid dihydrate treatment with the Varrox Eddy vaporizer is not only gentle on the bees, but also safe for the user. Place the device under the bee hive and start the treatment with a single press of a button. The user can move away from the hive until the end of the treatment. Thanks to the LED lights, he is able to monitor the progress of the treatment from a distance. The device signals what to do next with extra bright and colored LEDs.


Attention: The battery must not be stored in cold temperatures and should be charged from time to time (even when not in use). Failure to comply will void the warranty on the battery.

Treatments with oxalic acid dihydrate should always be carried out in a brood-free state. Winter treatment takes place from November to January. Treatment is also possible if brooding is interrupted in the summer after the honey harvest. Simply pour the desired amount of oxalic acid into the jar of the Varrox Eddy and push it through the entrance hole under the bee cluster. Then seal the entrance hole with a damp cloth or foam strip and start the device by pressing a button. The treatment time and the treatment temperature are electronically controlled by the device and stopped as soon as the filled amount has evaporated. At the end of the treatment, with the light flashing white and blue, the crucible can be removed. You can then insert the next filled crucible with the violet and blue light flashing. That alone helps shorten the waiting time. In this phase the device can be inserted into the next prey. The hive can be sealed again and as soon as the lights are green you can start the next treatment.

This means you have the most time-saving way of working.

Treatment concept/recommendations
The combined use of oxalic acid in the breeding-free period from November to January after a summer treatment with Formivar or Thymovar results in the best control of Varroa. The Varrox Eddy vaporizer is only very effective in brood-free colonies.

Other information
Handling oxalic acid requires great caution. In any case, wear safety glasses, acid-resistant gloves, a protective mask and long-sleeved clothing.

  • the battery is enough for approx. 18 colonies
  • Temperature and treatment duration are electronically controlled with LED lights
  • Weight including battery 600 g
  • 2 evaporator pans included

Additional information

Weight 2 kg