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Provap Oxalic Acid Vaporizer



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Provap Oxalic Acid Vaporizer

Product information

1. Connect the vaporizer to the power source and wait 2 minutes for it to heat up.
2. Place the vaporizer in front of the hive so that the outlet pipe points towards the exit of the hive.
3. Press the dispenser into the prepared oxalic acid until it is full.
4. Place the dispenser into the opening on the top of the kettle and press the button on the top of the dispenser.
5. The temperature drops by 10-15 degrees while sublimation continues.
6. When the temperature starts to rise, it is a sign that the oxalic acid has sublimated and we can move on to the next hive.
7. The dispenser can be pulled out and refilled.
8. After completing work, disconnect the device from the power source.

Maintenance : The dispenser must be washed with plenty of water after treatment as the oxalic acid adhered to it can stick.

Electricity: 230V / 330W

•CE certified

The power tube has a diameter of 6mm

A protective mask, gloves and safety glasses must be worn during use. The enclosed instructions contain a recommendation for the right protective mask. We recommend using oxalic acid tablets.

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