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Oxifix Vapouriser



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Oxifix oxalic acid Vapouriser

Product information

A special feature of this new vaporizer is that it is equipped with innovative, precise temperature regulation.

The OXi_FIX is connected to a 230V generator or AC converter and heats up within 1.5 minutes.
1 – 2 grams of oxalic acid or a 1 gram oxalic acid tablet are filled into the container provided and placed on the vaporizer.

The nozzle of the evaporator is then pushed into the entrance hole for approx. 10-15 seconds.

Since the evaporator is equipped with a thermostat and temperature control, the temperature can be maintained at 180 – 185ºC with a precision of 5ºC.
High quality and partly made of stainless steel.
The heating elements are characterized by their high effectiveness.
Quick treatment 10 -15 seconds per colony. And a faster recovery time of around 90 seconds is significantly faster than comparable devices.
Connection to a standard 230V generator or to a car battery with an AC converter (generator and AC converter not included).

Power: 230V/300W/50-60Hz
AC converter requirement: 300W/12V

A protective mask, gloves and safety glasses must be worn during use.

Additional information

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