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Rauchboy Smoker With Free Hive Tool


Rauchboy Smoker

RAUCHBOY 3-chamber air circulation

Compared to other smoke blowers, we rely on the proven RAUCHBOY 3-chamber technology. The poorly thought-out design of other smokers ensures that air flows past the sides of the smoking material.
This weakens the chimney effect and leads to the smoker going out during the downtime. Not with the RAUCHBOY.The special design of the RAUCHBOY’s air duct narrows the air duct by compressing the edge accordingly and ensures that the air does not escape at the edges, but is instead efficiently guided directly through the smoking material. In this way, the RAUCHBOY is always ready for use when it is idle, even without having to operate the bellows in the meantime. Another advantage of the Rauchboys is the efficient use of the
smoking material. With the special shape of the smoke opening, our German engineers have also found a way of tilting the smoke blower far in the direction of the bees without the smoke falling into the colony. Clean work is thus guaranteed at all times.

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Rauchboy Smoker

stainless steel bee smoker with free hive tool


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