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Queen Isolation And Introduction Cage


When the queen is found, this push-in-cage can be used to isolate and keep her safe on the comb.

It is also the most successful way to introduce a queen.  Fill the exit tunnel with fondant and push the cage into a comb.  The comb should be in the center of the brood nest with empty cells and brood about to emerge and no bees.  Release the queen and attendant workers into the cage.

As the queen begins to lay eggs, she will give off queen pheremone which will ensure acceptance.  Putting the cage over soon-to- emerge brood ensures nurse bees to care for the new queen.  The bees will release her or you can release her yourself once she starts laying.  You may need to remove a frame from the hive to give more space for the bees to crawl on the cage.

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