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+353 877752807| Monday to Friday 8.30 to 5.30 Saturday 9 – 3 pm |  info@irishbeehives.com

Round Wicks

Candle Wicks for beeswax

Candle wicks suitable for making rolled or moulded beeswax candles.

Also suitable for rapeseed wax candles

Recommendations for beeswax candles and 100 % beeswax.

Choosing the appropriate Size Wick for Your beeswax Candle

Determine Candle Diameter: Measure the diameter of your candle at the widest point. Use this measurement to determine the size of your wick.

Consult Wick Charts: Refer to the wick chart below specifically designed for beeswax candles. These charts provide recommendations for wick sizes based on candle diameter.

Test and Evaluate: It is recommended that you conduct test burns with different wick sizes to determine the most suitable option. Note factors such as burn pool size, flame height and overall performance.

Round Wick Recomm. candle diameter [mm]
Nr.0 05 – 15
Nr.1 10 – 20
Nr.2 15 – 25
Nr.3 20 – 30
Nr.5 30 – 45
Nr.7 40 – 55
Nr.9 50 – 65

The chart provided should be used as a guide only.

As beeswax has a variable burn rate experimenting with different wicks is recommended.

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