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Beer and Wine Hydrometer – Triple Scale -27 cm


Universal hydrometer with scales Blg, SG, alc.#

Precise Alla France hydrometer used to measure the sugar concentration in wort or must, calibrated at 60⁰F (approx. 15.5⁰C),  The hydrometer has 3 scales:

0-35 ° Blg (graduation every 0.5 degrees) – measurement of the extract in Balling degrees,

0.990 – 1.160 Sp.Gr – specific gravity measurement,

0-20% ab.vol. – measuring the potential alcohol content.


The sugar meter does not have a cylinder, it must be purchased separately.

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Beer and Wine Hydrometer

This hydrometer reads in three scales specific gravity, brix and potential alcohol making it a must have tool for any homebrewer or wine maker.

You calculate the alcohol content of your mead by taking 2 measurements – one when starting the mead and the second when bottling it.

Its best used with a graduated cylinder

 This hydrometer features three scales–specific gravity, potential alcohol and brix–and can be used for both brewing and winemaking. It measures 27 cm long and comes with instructions

Scale Ranges:

  • Specific Gravity: 0.982 – 1.160
  • Potential Alcohol: 0-20%
  • Brix: -4 – 35


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