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VN – Extra Power 1 kg ( pollen pattie )



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Pollen pattie

*BeeNectar’s pollen patties are a high value product which strengthen the bees and their immune system, making them capable of fighting against Varroa, Nosema without the use of  medicines. This solid bee food consists of high protein pollen substitute.


Effects and results:
• Strengthens the bees and their immune system, making them capable of fighting against Varroa and Nosemosis without medicines
• Maintains your bee colonies in an excellent condition
• An enormous population increase even if there is no pollen in the environment and the other preconditions for the queen bee to give birth are met (such as nectar or stimulant supply etc.)
• The bees become healthy and more productive and thus the production of honey and other bee-originated products is increased according to the   study held by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

The result is bigger, healthier and more productive bee colonies

Advantages of VN-Extra Power in comparison to medicines:
• Instead of using medicines and food for health and growth separately, VN-Extra Power can achieve both being a more economical option
• Fights against diseases more effectively
• The bee colonies remain healthy (free from Varroa and Nosemosis) for a longer period of time than any other treatment, because bees’ immune system       has been greatly strengthened
• Does not adversely affect the bees and the queen bee
• Does not contain any toxic substances
• Assists the queen bee to give birth
• Can be used all year round, even when there is bee brood in the hives


• The bee colonies must be fed with VN-Extra Power (96614) for at least 40 consecutive days to effectively fight against Varroa. Regarding Nosemosis, the bee colonies must be fed for at least 30 consecutive days.
• To achieve the desired results, you must make sure that your bee colonies consume the following: 10-frame fully-populated beehive should consume 1kg every week, meaning it needs 5-6kg for Varroa (40 days) and 4-5kg for Νosemosis (30 days). If your beehive does not have 10 populated frames, the above amounts are tailored to the population of your beehive
• Placement of VN-Extra Power (96614) must be 1kg at a time and not all together. That means, once the bee colony has consumed the first kilo, you then place the second and so on.
• VN-Extra Power (96614) should be placed in the center of the hive and specifically on the top of the brood populated hive frames, opening a large hole at the nylon pack, without the fear of drying out. When the temperature of the environment is below 22-25oC, the opening must face downwards (towards the frames), whereas when the temperature is over 22-25oC, the opening must face upwards (towards the lid).


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