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Mineral Bee 250 ml


Mineral Bee 250 ml

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Mineral Bee 250 ml

The only supplement in the world scientifically proven to contain all the key minerals and trace elements found in honey and pollen.




  • Reproduction  
  • Development  
  • Tissue synthesis  
  • DNA & RNA Synthesis  
  • Enzyme production  
  • Nervous System  
  • Musculature  


Why are our ingredients so important for honey bees?

Minerals and trace elements are key to the successful operation of insects.  Julian A T Dow 2017 : 23 1-8. University of Glascow.

Honey bees actively try to source minerals and trace elements however due to environmental stresses they are often unable to find them. 

The nutritional elements that limit honeybee development to the highest degree due to their scarcity in pollen are Na, S, Cu, P and K. Zn and N.  

(Michal Filipiak et al. Institute of Environmental Sciences, Jagiellonian University,Poland).

The good news is Mineral Bee provides these essential minerals and trace elements and more!


  • Contains 23 minerals and trace elements 
  • Contains fatty acids
  • Contains amino acids 
  • organic
  • Bioavailable 
  • Chemical free
  • Colourless 
  • Odourless
  • NO brewing ( so all ingredients are stable)
  • NO heat 
  • NO freezing
  • Shelf stable for 4 years .
  • Organically sourced
  • Only 10 mls of Minerals and Trace Elements FOR BEES is needed per litre of syrup feed or drinking water .
  • This is NOT a plant based product and is not brewed. 
  • This is NOT a seaweed.
  • Use when ever you feed your bees or give them drinking water. Please see the how to use page for more information .



“I used Mineral Bee during the establishment of my late season splits this year. Late season splits are prone to chalk brood and nosema. In my opinion, the use of Mineral Bee has greatly reduced these problems for me this season.”Matthew Hill, Abuzz Bees n’ Wax – 150+ hives

An important part of your beekeeping kit. 


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