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Uncapping Wax Melter



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Uncapping Wax Melter

Product information

With this uncapping wax melter, the honey can be easily separated from the cap wax. This is done by circulating the hot air. There is a heater with a power of 2.5 kW/230V in the heating lid of the vessel. The temperature can be adjusted between 30°-110°C using a thermostat. A fan with circulating air ensures an even temperature throughout the entire container. The lid wax begins to melt, the honey flows to the bottom of the container, the melted wax covers the honey and protects it from overheating. The uncapping wax melter allows all the honey to be melted out of the wax caps, so its investment quickly returns.

NEW – with insulation of the fan cover. As well as 1 cm insulation of the boiler wall.
There is a perforated insert at the bottom of the container. The uncapping wax melter is made of stainless steel. All parts of the uncapping wax melter that come into contact with the honey are made of food-grade materials.
This system of uncapping wax melting is particularly suitable for those beekeepers who uncap the honeycombs using uncapping machines or electric uncapping knives, as these uncapping methods leave more honey in the honeycomb caps.

The device is also suitable for defrosting candied honey in jars, buckets or hobbocks.

  • Tension lock lid with insulated heating unit and fan
  • Uncapping wax melter capacity: approx. 35kg wax caps per pass.
  • Approximately 6 hours and 3.5 KW of electricity are required per 35 kg of lid wax
  • Removable black insulation jacket for the heating unit
  • Double-walled, 2 cm thick insulated stainless steel kettle
  • Sloping bottom with stainless steel pinch tap and floor-level outlet
  • Delivery includes removable feet with castors with parking brake
  • Diameter outside 54 cm, inside 52 cm
  • Working and boiler height 118 cm
  • Interior height 71 cm
  • Temperature setting using a thermostat between 30° – 110°C.
  • Power of 2.5 kW / 230V
  • Weight approx. 45kg

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