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Two Hand Honey Mixer


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Two Hand Honey Mixer

Product information

Our new robust two-hand honey stirrer was specially developed for honey stirring. The continuously variable speed allows you to adapt the speed to the different types of honey. All honey stirrers with a round or hexagonal shaft up to 13 mm fit into the existing gear drill chuck.

  • Rated voltage: 230V – 50Hz
  • Power consumption: 1200W
  • Speed: 100 – 700 min-1.

For larger quantities of honey that are to be stirred continuously, we recommend a master stirrer

Tip for stirring honey until creamy

After spinning, put the honey through the Honey Therma and then pour it into a bucket/bottler. Let it stand until it becomes slightly cloudy, then stir it for 20 minutes every 12 hours until a pearlescent effect is created. If necessary, place the honey in an oven at 39 ° C for 20 hours until it solidifies, then stir for 30 minutes. Now put the honey in the filling can and leave it in the defrosting cabinet at 39 ° C for another 8 hours. Then fill the honey into the jars.

ATTENTION: To avoid damage to the plastic bucket, the stirrer must not be less than 5 cm from the edge.

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