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Complete Professional Honey Stirrer – Stainless Steel



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Complete Professional Honey Stirrer – Stainless Steel

Product information

Developed and manufactured in Germany 230 V, 360 W, approx. 80 rpm, reduction 1:20 The stirrer consists of a tripod with a geared motor to hold a standard stirring spiral and a turntable for the honey container. The motor is continuously height adjustable. It can be locked in any position. All common honey containers can be placed on the turntable and secured with the stepless centering. Now the stirrer with the chuck is inserted and the motor is switched on. The stirring process now runs completely independently. The container is set into a slow rotational movement by the suction effect that arises between the stirrer and the container wall. Even larger amounts of honey can be stirred one after the other. Depending on the honey, the shape of the container and the filling quantity, the mixing cycle is completed in just a few minutes.   Mixer for stirring honey

Now newly equipped with our exclusive timers. The timer allows you to run the stirrer in different interval and time modes. Never leave the stirrer running unattended.

Tip for stirring honey until creamy

  • After spinning, pass the honey through the Honey Therma and then pour it into a bucket/bottler.
  • Let the honey stand until it becomes slightly cloudy.
  • Then stir the honey for 20 minutes every 12 hours until a mother-of-pearl effect is created. If necessary, place the honey in an oven at 39 ° C for 20 hours until it solidifies.
  • Now you can stir the honey for 30 minutes.
  • Now put the honey in the filling jug and leave it in the defrosting cabinet at 39°C for another 8 hours. Then fill the honey into the jars.

ATTENTION : To avoid damage to plastic buckets, the stirrer must be at least 5 cm away from the edge of the bucket.

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