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Wax Clarifier 37 liters


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Wax Clarifier 37 liters

Product information

The new double-walled wax clarifier made of stainless steel for clarifying and cleaning beeswax, killing nosema and foulbrood spores and for dipping candles.


  • Operation manual:
  • Fill wax blocks into the inner container.
  • Set the thermostat to approx. 130°C and plug in the device. 
  • Once the wax blocks have melted and the set temperature has been reached, wait approx. 45 minutes and then switch off the immersion tube heater at the thermostat.
  • When the liquid wax has cooled below 90°C, open the top drain cock and drain the clean wax.                                  
  • Be careful, the container gets very hot. Danger of burns! Here we recommend the insulation jacket article 64432.
  • Only put the immersion tube heater into operation after the thermal oil has been filled.
  • Always leave thermal oil in the tank!

Technical data:

capacity 37 liters
Height inside 55cm
External height 68.5cm
Diameter including insulation 38cm
Current consumption 2000W
Roosters Ø 1/2 inch
Amount of thermal oil required approx. 15 liters


Change the thermal oil after 300 heats or 5 years of use to ensure constant heating performance.

The outlet taps and the heating coil are supplied loose for packaging reasons and must be installed by the customer. Instructions and sealing tape are of course included.

Registered according to ElektroG under WEEE reg. no. DE 32671074.        

Design registered and protected by the German Patent and Trademark Office