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Pigments Blue 10 g


Highly-concentrated grade, in the form of pellets, mixable. Quantity for overdipping: 10-15 g per kg wax. The untreated candle should only be overdipped once or twice with pigment. To overdip once requires 15 g pigment per kg wax, and to overdip twice 10 g pigment per kg wax (1 level teaspoon = approx. 1 g, 1 heaped teaspoon = approx. 3 g).

Contrary to the case for the standard dyes, pigments offer 100% light stability and thus prevent any discolouration of stored candles. Pigments are only suitable for overdyeing or overdipping untreated white candles or candles coloured with aniline dye and must be thoroughly stirred into the wax compound. If they are used to colour the actual candle, they will cause the wick to become blocked. Modelling candle wax may only be coloured with pigments (add 0.5 g per kg wax).

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Pigments Blue 10 g

pigment candle dye for dipped candles

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