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+353 877752807| Monday to Friday 8.30 to 5.30 Saturday 9 – 3 pm |  info@irishbeehives.com

National Hive – Deal



This is a National hive complete with hoffman frames and wired foundation.

Frames and foundation are supplied as flat pack.

Includes the following:

  • 6 inch deep roof
  • crown board with 2 porter bee escapes
  • 2 x supers ( flat pack )
  • plastic queen excluder
  • brood chamber ( flat pack )
  • mesh floor with landing board
  • 22 hoffman super frames and foundation (flat pack)
  • 2 dummy boards
  • 11 deep frames and foundation (flat pack)
  • 1 x dummy boards
  • frame nails

Deal hive parts should be given at least 2 coats of paint before use to protect from the weather

natural hive paint can be found here

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National bee hive

Available in a range of options

National bee hive for keeping bees

The national hive has been in use since the 1920s and is the most commonly used hive by hobby and commercial beekeepers in Ireland.

Due to its size and large handholds its easier for 1 person to lift. The large lugs on the frames make them easy to handle.

The capacity of the national brood box is suited to non prolific bees allowing the queen enough space to lay during the summer and enough space to store honey for the winter. For larger colonies a super or brood chamber can be added to give the queen more room to lay.


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