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Bee hive Paint 1 litre


beehive paint 1 litre

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bee hive paint 1 litre

LINEA beehive paint is an ecological paint for the protection and decoration of hives.


Microporous, it also contains an agent that effectively fights against microscopic fungi and mold, solvent-free and with its very low VOC rate.

It is safe for bees and animals.

Weather resistant, this paint is water-based and does not pollute.

It is soluble in water and odourless, the tools used can be cleaned with soapy water.

It is applied in two coats on a homogeneous support.

Its drying is fast, it can be covered during the day after 6 hours of drying at 20°C.


This paint is applied to wooden hives, polystyrene and also to their metal roofs after a light surface sanding for those that are galvanized.


Storage: The ambient temperature of the storage location must be between 5°C and 25°C.

In the event of an opening, the work must be carried out quickly. The binders used being of natural origin, an unpleasant odor suggests deterioration of the product. Do not attempt to apply it in this case.

The degradation of this natural product is caused by its oxidation in contact with air and the presence of bacteria.


Preparation and application:

Shake the product vigorously to bring it to a “creamy” viscosity before applying. Dilute the paint with water if necessary depending on the material used.

Apply in 2 coats, or even just one in routine maintenance.


Features :

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC): 2.4 g/l

Yield on printed media: 12 m²/l

Drying: Dust free: 30 minutes, Touch dry: 1 hour, Recoatable: 6 hours in two coat system


Composition: combination of vegetable oils in emulsion in water (hemp, castor, sunflower), mineral fillers, casein, dyes in vegetable binder (standolie of linseed oil), thickener based on cellulose ether, conservation.


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